The Goslyn™ Grease Recovery Device is designed to remove FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) from wastewater effluent.

There are no moving parts to break and no messy, time-consuming grease traps to clean. Plus it's small footprint makes it easy to install in even the smallest prep kitchens.

The Goslyn™ is the ideal separator for Three-Compartment Sinks, Dishwashers, Prep Sinks, Woks, and kettles.

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The design of grease traps and interceptors has changed very little in the last century.

They are still essentially a box connected to the waste water pipe between the sink and the sewer and have an average efficiency of only 70 per cent.

A major cause of sewer blockages are caused by Animal Vegetable Fat Oil Grease and Food Solids (AVFOGS), and the trend has been to use larger and larger interceptors.

But with only 10 per cent improvement in performance, pipe blockages and sewer overflows are still common place even with regular maintenance.


Goslyn is the most effective kitchen wastewater separation unit currently available to the restaurant, catering and food processing industries.

It is neither a grease trap or a grease interceptor. It is an award-winning liquid separator driven by thermodynamics and hydrostatic pressure and has no moving parts or timers.

Goslyn permanently removes solid fats, oils and grease from waste effluent, preventing build-up inside the separation chamber which would lead to a reduction in operating efficiency. The inlet flow control ensures the unit is never overwhelmed by surges of effluent. All recovered oils can be recycled along with your used fryer oil unlike the brown grease found in traps and interceptors.

With the absence of decaying AVFOGS in the separation chamber foul odours along with insects and vermin infestations are now a thing of the past. Goslyn keeps drains free and clear while removing the need for costly chemical or enzyme dousing systems and grease trap pumping.

Goslyn is easy to operate and requires only two minutes of daily maintenance. All models have been designed for trouble free internal or external retrofit installations. Units can be sized for applications with flow rates between 5 to 200gpm


Goslyn™ Easy 1-2-3 Maintenance

1. Empty solid strainer basket into garbage can

2. Empty oil collection canister

3. Open flush valve for 5-10 seconds

Total Maintenance time: 2-3 minutes per day


Three varieties of Chicken wings are not the only things new at Pizza Hut

In 2003 the world's largest fast food restaurant company YUM! Brands launched Wing Street, a new restaurant chain specializing in chicken. YUM! Brands proposed to co-locate the Wing Street restaurants with one of its sister outlets Pizza Hut, adding an additional 2,200 restaurants to the group.

In accordance with California Water District Law, all food service establishments are required to install, operate and maintain an approved type and adequately sized grease interceptor prior to commencing discharges of wastewater to the sewer system. Californian regulations on effluent discharge and interceptor design presented the Pizza Hut/ Wing Street design consultants with a number difficulties and new challenges which included:

  • insufficient space for the installation and maintenance of an in-ground interceptor
  • inadequate fall between fixtures, in-ground interceptor and the public sewer lines
  • landlord or local authority consent to the installation of in-ground interceptors, and
  • in-ground interceptors spiraling costs were deemed totally unacceptable.

Yum! Brands design team contacted Goslyn™ seeking a fast and practical resolution to the issues stopping Pizza Hut / Wing Street roll-out across California. Goslyn™ engineers met up with the legislative decision makers to assist Pizza Hut / Wing Street application for a conditional variance waiver permit from grease interceptor requirements. The FOG Control Program Manager's required proof that Goslyn™ alternative pre- treatment technology was equivalent or better than state approved grease interceptors in controlling effluent discharges. In addition, Pizza Hut/ Wing Street would be required to demonstrate, Goslyn™ pre-treatment filter technology effectiveness to prevent AVFOGS discharge by independent visual downstream monitoring for a period of three months.


Yum! Brands Pizza Hut/ Wing Street concept were granted swift approval from the FOG Control Program Manager to install Goslyn™ product range (seen here to the right) as a substitute for in-ground grease interceptors.

The deciding factors in obtaining in kitchen installation approval was our ability from the outset to clearly illustrate the proven benefits of Goslyn™ by presenting:

  • ASME, CSA, NSF and ULc approval and certification
  • 2008 award winning design
  • ease of installation and ease of retrofit installations
  • effluent reduction rate from18,500ppm to as low as 22ppm
  • efficiency recovery rates of 99.6% pure oil
  • environmental benefits from recycled oil (soap, animal feeds bio-fuel)
  • easy of restaurant employees to use and maintain the system
  • cost effectiveness in comparison to in-ground systems, and
  • elimination of landlord and or local authority consent.


This Goslyn™ case is further highlighted by the situation of a Korean family restaurant in Washington state which required remodeling after 20 years of operation. Faced with a $25,000 in-ground interceptor expenditure that their landlord would not approve. The restaurant owner contacted the local building department for a solution. The local building department advised him to contact Goslyn™ for the only ASME, NSF and ULc in kitchen approved system.


The complete line of Goslyn™ Separators meet or exceed all certifications for the design and operation of grease traps, interceptors and other related grease collection equipment.

In many cases, the performance and AVFOGS collection efficiency of Goslyn™ Separators is significantly better than the most recent industry and governmental certifications.

Introduction to Goslyn™
Goslyn™ grease recovery device separating oil from water demonstration
Goslyn™ Daily Maintenance
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