Lifequest World Corp. (OTC Markets: LQWC) mission is to become a global technology leader in low-cost, low-maintenance, eco-friendly, decentralized wastewater treatment.

Our core competency is well-established in sewage waste water treatment, and we intend to rapidly add solutions for treatment of effluents in textile, tannery, fisheries, dairy and processed water industries.

LifeQuest World Corp vision is to become the singular platform for disruptive, affordable, highly scalable, eco-friendly decentralized wastewater treatment technologies.


Lifequest World Corp is a company seeking, and finding, opportunities to improve the supply of clean water for emerging and first-world nations.

Clean water availability is a globally essential issue and critical to stopping the cycle of disease and sickness across the globe. BioPipe Global Corp is a wholly owned subsidiary of LQWC. BioPipe's main business focus is water reclamation. This is the process of converting wastewater, into water that can be repurposed for other uses. Reuse may include irrigation of gardens and agricultural fields or replenishing surface water and groundwater. Reused water may also be directed toward fulfilling certain needs in residences (e.g. toilet flushing), businesses and industry, and where necessary, treated to reach drinking water standards.

Reclaiming water from waste for reuse applications (instead of using freshwater supplies) can be a water-saving measure. When treated waste water is eventually discharged back into natural water sources, it still has significant benefits to ecosystems; improving streamflow, nourishing plant life and recharging aquifers, as part of the natural water cycle.

Wastewater reuse is a long-established practice used for irrigation, especially in arid countries. Reusing wastewater as part of sustainable water management allows water to remain as an alternative water source for human activities. This can reduce scarcity and alleviate pressures on groundwater and other natural water bodies.


According National Association of Business Economics (NABE), the world market for waste water treatment is expected to rise from $62 billion in 2012 to about $112 billion by 2022.

water treatment equipment accounted for two-thirds of the $84 billion total shipments worldwide and chemicals will comprise the remaining third.

A slight shift in this 2:1 ratio is likely to be in favor of equipment over chemicals in the coming years. The growth of equipment & services market is likely to gain momentum environment-friendly and economically feasible technologies become mainstream.

The Asia Pacific waste water treatment equipment market is projected to grow at the highest CAGR due to the growing demand of potable water in this region. Middle East market is expected to grow at 4.7% CAGR due to increasing population, the rise in the disposable income and the infrastructure availability.


  • Traded on OTC Markets (Pink Sheet): LQWC
  • Shares Outstanding on a fully diluted basis: 121,484,150 common shares (as of February 21, 2024)
  • Non-restricted: 34,317,208 (as of February 21, 2024)
  • Estimated Public float: 32,498,953 (as of February 21, 2024)
  • Closing price and latest trade data:OTC:LQWC


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