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Welcome to BioPipe Global, a pioneering venture and a wholly owned subsidiary of LifeQuest World Corp. (OTC Markets: LQWC). We are thrilled to introduce our latest accomplishment – a cutting-edge wastewater recycling plant located at a prominent University Dorm in Asia.


At BioPipe, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of revolutionizing sewage treatment systems. Our biological sewage treatment plant stands out for its remarkable ability to treat water to irrigation quality without generating sludge, presenting a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

Key Features of the BioPipe Biological Sewage Treatment System:

  1. Scalability and Flexibility:
    • The plant has a base capacity of treating 10,000 liters per day, with the flexibility for seamless expansion as needed.
    • Constructed using Lego components, the entire system allows for both vertical and horizontal expansion, providing unparalleled adaptability to increase plant size and capacity.
  2. Innovative Lego-Based Construction:
    • The system is ingeniously built using Lego components, creating a modular and adaptable infrastructure.
    • This Lego-based design facilitates straightforward expansion, making modifications and upgrades hassle-free.
  3. Biological Treatment Process:
    • Composed entirely of pipes, our system creates an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria, which play a crucial role in digesting sewage and producing clean, treated water.
    • Attached growth bacteria thrive in this environment, multiplying and reproducing to consume sludge and convert it into liquid.
  4. Three-Module Treatment Process:
    • The treatment plant comprises three modules:
      • Module 1 addresses chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).
      • Modules 2 and 3 focus on treating ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen, respectively.
  5. Tertiary System for Enhanced Treatment:
    • The treated water undergoes further refinement in the tertiary system, incorporating a disk filter, bio carbon filter, UV filter, and chlorination tank.
    • This multi-stage process ensures the highest quality of treated water before release.
  6. Air-Circulation System:
    • Air, a vital component in the treatment process, is drawn from the atmosphere through vents.
    • Optimal air circulation creates an environment conducive to bacterial colonies, maximizing the efficiency of the treatment process.

In summary, the BioPipe Biological Sewage Treatment Plant is a revolutionary solution that effectively addresses wastewater concerns while prioritizing environmental sustainability. We are proud to contribute to a cleaner and greener future with our innovative and scalable approach to sewage treatment. Thank you for joining us in this exciting journey towards a more sustainable world.


LifeQuest World Corp (OTC: LQWC) is a leading provider of wastewater treatment solutions, specializing in the design, construction, and operation of onsite wastewater treatment plants. Our suite of offerings includes effluent treatment plants (ETP), sewage treatment plants (STP), fat oil and grease (FOG) separator and hybrid media for water polishing. Our flagship product, BioPipe is a 100% sludge-free, chemical-free, odor-free, silent, easy to assemble and install, scalable, low cost, ecological and low maintenance onsite sewage wastewater treatment system.
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