Revolutionizing Wastewater Treatment:
LifeQuest World Corp. (OTC:LQWC)

Imagine a World Where Water is the New Gold...

That world is closer than you think. With water scarcity becoming a pressing global issue, the demand for efficient wastewater treatment is skyrocketing. Enter LifeQuest World Corp. - your next big opportunity in the multi-billion-dollar wastewater treatment space.

Redefining Wastewater Solutions:

Imagine a world where wastewater treatment is not just effective but also eco-friendly, affordable, and scalable. That's the revolution LifeQuest is leading in the booming wastewater treatment industry.

Lifequest World Corp. (OTC Markets: LQWC) mission is to become a global technology leader in low-cost, low-maintenance, eco-friendly, decentralized wastewater treatment. Our core competency is well-established in sewage waste water treatment, and we intend to rapidly add solutions for treatment of effluents in textile, tannery, fisheries, dairy and processed water industries. Areas around world are becoming water stressed and wastewater treatment and reuse is becoming paramount.

  • The Numbers Speak for Themselves: Did you know? The global water and wastewater treatment market is on track to soar past a staggering USD 497.5 billion by 2030, growing at a compelling CAGR of 6.53% from 2022 to 2030.
  • Water: The New Gold Rush: As water scarcity becomes a pressing concern, the demand for decentralized wastewater treatment is skyrocketing. And guess who's at the forefront of this revolution? LifeQuest World Corp. (OTC PINK: LQWC).
  • Unearth a Hidden Gem: Despite a modest market capitalization of under US$3 Million, LifeQuest boasts a robust pipeline exceeding US$10 Million over the next two years, it's clear: LifeQuest is a diamond in the rough.

Why Choose LifeQuest?

We're not just another wastewater treatment company. We're pioneers. From designing to operating onsite wastewater treatment plants, our offerings are diverse. And our crown jewel? BioPipe. A game-changer that's 100% sludge-free, chemical-free, and incredibly eco-friendly. It's the future of wastewater treatment, and it's here today.



  • Current market capitalization under US$3 Million (as of September 27, 2023)
    • Outstanding shares: 116,234,150
    • Restricted shares 81,916,942
    • Unrestricted shares: 34,317,208
    • Last trade: $0.025
  • Sales Pipeline over next 12-24 months: US $10 Million (+)
  • High margin business.
  • Worldwide Patents and IP on BioPipe technology (BioPipe Global is a wholly owned subsidiary of LQWC).
  • Strong Company presence in India, South Africa, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Philippines.
  • Experience Management Team with many years of experience in the decentralized wastewater and industrial wastewater treatment space.
  • Proven technology with over 40 decentralized wastewater treatment plants commissioned since 2014.
  • Continuously adding on new complimentary technology in LQWC’s suite of products offered.
  • Impact Investment
  • Demand for water will exceed supply by 40% by 2030.
  • High Capex driving focus on decentralized (onsite) treatment and reuse.
  • Water sector has historically outperformed broad world equity markets by 170 basis points (bps) with relatively low historical correlation to broad equity markets.
  • Every $1 invested in water generates $4 economic return by improving health, increasing productivity.

Behind the Scenes at LQWC...

A Visionary Pivot: A while back, LQWC took a moment of reflection. We envisioned a future where we weren't just a company but a billion-dollar powerhouse. And guess what? We set our sights on that very horizon.

Seizing the Decade: We didn't just see opportunities; we saw the biggest opportunities for the coming decade. And we didn't just adapt; we enhanced, innovating our suite of technologies to lead the charge in decentralized and industrial wastewater treatment.

Strategically Positioned: We're not shooting in the dark. We've zeroed in on key geographic markets, the ones that promise not just growth but swift profitability. Because at LQWC, we're all about smart, strategic moves.

LifeQuest World Corp: Pioneering a Global Water Revolution

Our Mission: At the heart of LifeQuest's strategy is a commitment to bring our groundbreaking solutions to countries grappling with severe water stress. We're bridging the gap between the production of sewage and its treatment, emphasizing recycling and reuse.

BioPipe: Our Game-Changer: We're not just introducing a product; we're forging powerful alliances. By partnering with influential entities in our top 10 target countries, BioPipe is set to redefine wastewater treatment on a global scale.


Dhaka's rivers receive a staggering 1.16 million m3 of sewage daily. With textile manufacturers facing hefty treatment costs, LifeQuest sees a golden opportunity. Our BioPipe system, already operational in a government building, is a testament to our solution's efficacy. Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, BioTech Innovations (Royalty based arrangement) is engaged in introducing cost effective disruptive technologies/products through foreign partnerships to solve multiple socio-environmental issues that involve water, energy, air, and sewage in Bangladesh. BioPipe is the flagship product and now the default onsite STP for all government projects in Bangladesh.


A land of contrasts. While being one of the most water-stressed nations, it also faces a massive sewage challenge. The Clean India Initiative and stricter pollution laws open doors for our compact solutions like BioPipe, especially in cities with deteriorating or non-existent sewage systems. Through LQWC’s 99% owned India subsidiary (BioPipe India Private Limited) it represents LQWC’s largest marketplace. The Company is concurrently pursuing both industrial, as well as sewage wastewater treatment opportunities.

South Africa

A nation thirsting for solutions. With over half of its sewage treatment capacity dysfunctional, the demand for decentralized systems is soaring. LifeQuest's Build Own & Operate (BOO) model promises not just a solution, but a sustainable future. The Company’s first BOO is in partnership with their technology partner, Abrimix. The 200m3/day plant will treat abattoir wastewater at a well-established beef producer. The Water-as-a-Service (WaaS) agreement is for 10 years with automatic renewal for 10 additional years. Under this Agreement the client will pay a service fee on every cubic meter of wastewater that is recycled with guaranteed minimums. LQWC has already identified several BOO opportunities in South Africa and elsewhere.


An archipelago with a booming economy but a looming water crisis. With limited wastewater treatment and rising waterborne diseases, the Philippine Clean Water Act paves the way for LifeQuest's innovative solutions. LQWC via its local partner, BPipe Corporation, has already successfully installed several BioPipe systems and demand is soaring.


A country where over 62 million people lack access to safe drinking water. The challenge is immense, but so is our commitment. LifeQuest is poised to make a significant impact in addressing Ethiopia's part in the global water crisis. Recently the Company announced the completion of the first commercial sale in Ethiopia of our flagship biological BioPipe sewage wastewater treatment system. The 100m3 (26,000 gallons per day) system has been installed at Ethiopia’s national university and will further showcase the efficiency of BioPipe. BioPipe has received all the necessary approvals from the Ministry of Water & Energy, and we are now negotiating and expecting to close on several projects in Ethiopia.


The land of opportunity, and for LifeQuest, it's an opportunity to address water stress affecting 102 million people. With aging sewage systems and a focus on reuse, especially in states like California, LifeQuest is ready to make waves.


Max Khan
President, CEO LifeQuest

Max is an entrepreneur and with long career in private equity and corporate finance. Max began his career as a financial consultant in 1987 and founded Alliance Global Finance in 1992, which specializes in corporate finance and investment banking. He served as Director, President and CEO of publicly listed PowrCor Inc. until June 2014. He has raised in excess of $400,000,000 for various companies and remains engaged in several private equity investments. Max is currently the President and CEO of Lifequest World Corp and devotes 95% of his time to Lifequest and its subsidiary BioPipe Global Corp. Max received his BA in Accounting and Economics from the City University of New York, and his MBA from Pace University, New York.

Enes Kutluca
CEO BioPipe

Enes Kutluca is the founder and inventor of BioPipe technology. He began R&D in his second year at Bahcesehir University with the support of the Turkish Government. Enes is now focused on R&D to continue improving BioPipe and expand its use in treating many other types of effluents and marketing in Turkey and Central Asia. Enes is also leading the Profoks business development initiative in Turkey.

Freddie Canta,
SVP, Country Head. Philippines

Freddie is a finance and operations leader with over 20 years of experience in managing global operations. He has numerous accomplishments in leading financial operations, driving complex international projects, conversions and programs, implementing/upgrading accounting systems, creating timely and effective financial reports, managing internal audits and conducting effective financial analysis. He currently serves as a Director of, an online platform for training courses and learning events. He occupied COO, CFO and Director roles in Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC subsidiaries e.g Institutional Investor and ISI Emerging Markets Group, and Euromoney (Asia) over the last 20 years up until September 2018.

Pieter Jansen,
CEO Abrimix

Pieter, founder of Abrimix Pty Ltd. Johannesburg Abrimix is engaged in industrial wastewater treatment and currently has 10 plants running in South Africa and 1 plant in Nigeria. Pieter is qualified as an extractive metallurgist through a bursary with Gencor a South African Mining company. After leaving Gencor, he entered the water treatment field where he has worked for a number of companies in managing their water treatment divisions, the last being NYSE listed Ecolab. Pieter developed the HSR technology

Tanmay Pawale,
COO BioPipe India

Tanmay brings over 10 years of experience to the techno-commercial domain with experience in Project Management, Business Development and Consulting in the clean tech sector. He also has extensive experience in research, advisory, and consultancy in sectors such as renewable energy, energy management, rural development, climate change, and sustainability. Tanmay is a mechanical engineer with M.Tech in Rural Development and also possesses a Masters in Engineering Management from NTU, UK with Entrepreneurship and Project Management as a major subject of study.

Nina Aquino,
CMO, BioPipe Global

Nina Aquino is a trained Architect from California with over 8 years of experience leading teams of engineers, designers and consultants in the Hospitality Sector for companies such as renowned London-based hospitality giant Soho House & Chipotle Mexican Grill. She served as Project Architect at Soho House, overseeing project teams to plan, design, budget and execute: members only clubs, spas and hotels. At Chipotle, working under both the Chief Development Officer & Chief Marketing Officer, she was instrumental in the fast launch of a new, modularized design. Within the U.S. Northeast market & Europe, she partnered with internal Marketing teams to deploy the company's strong brand messaging. She graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University in New York

Six reasons why you should invest in LQWC

  • Modest market capitalization of under US$3 Million while bosting a robust pipeline exceeding US$10 Million over the next 24 months.
  • Build Own Operate (Water-as-a-Service model) is the trend in the industry and LQWC already has several of these opportunities to move forward with.
  • According to Precedence Research, the global water and wastewater treatment market size is projected to surpass around USD 497.5 billion by 2030 and expanding growth at a registered CAGR of 6.53% from 2022 to 2030.
  • Strong foothold in key markets.
  • Established in 2014 with proven and patented technology (BioPipe).
  • Premier provider of World’s only no-sludge, low cost and energy efficient decentralized wastewater treatment system (BioPipe).
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