Capacity Expansion at LifeQuest’s first Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) in South Africa

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"The Western world is slowly drinking itself dry.”

This may seem surprising. But the Western world is slowly drinking itself dry. Think of a cup of coffee. A delicious cup of Joe requires 140 litres of water to travel from bush to table. That’s nothing compared to beef though, which requires 15,415 litres per kg[1], about the same as a single T-bone steak. Or if you flip it around, it takes roughly the water from two Olympic swimming pools to produce the meat from just one (largish) cow. All this consumption, from our morning coffees and steak dinners to the showers we have, means that the average American alone uses 575 litres of water a day.

LifeQuest’s Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) plant at South Africa Abattoir

A major South African Abattoir was seeking a wastewater treatment plant that would result in reuse and reduced discharge to the municipal sewer. Rising conveyance and treatment charges and fines raised the cost of their operations. LifeQuest World Corp proposed a wastewater treatment plant on a Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) basis. Also, known as WaaS (Water-as-a-Service). The Abattoirs wastewater is treated to specific levels then the water is re-used at the same facility. The plant’s installation was completed in December 2021 and formal commissioning started on December 23, 2021.The plant would help the Abattoir meet its sustainability objectives and reduce the overall operating cost. Due to capacity limitations and increased usage applications of the processed wastewater the need arose to increase the overall flow of capacity of the LifeQuest plant and to bring the wastewater to near potable level. The build out for the additional capacity will be completed sometime in the first quarter of 2024 with increased tariff charges collect by LifeQuest. Read more...

Lifequest's First Build Own Operate 200-300m3/day Capacity Abattoir Wastewater Treatment Plant in South Africa is Fully Operational and Expected to Generate Approximately $1.5 Million EBITDA in the First 10 Years of 10+10 Year Agreement

LifeQuest World Corp (OTC: LQWC) is a leading provider of wastewater treatment solutions, specializing in the design, construction, and operation of onsite wastewater treatment plants. Our suite of offerings includes effluent treatment plants (ETP), sewage treatment plants (STP), fat oil and grease (FOG) separator and hybrid media for water polishing. Our flagship product, BioPipe is a 100% sludge-free, chemical-free, odor-free, silent, easy to assemble and install, scalable, low cost, ecological and low maintenance onsite sewage wastewater treatment system.
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