LifeQuest World Corp. (OTC: LQWC), announces the acquisition of BioPipe Global, the only sludge-free onsite sewage wastewater system that is odor-free, silent, scalable, cost-effective and very low maintenance

Ridgefield Park, NJ July 2, 2019 - LifeQuest World Corp. (OTC: LQWC), today announces that it has completed the acquisition of BioPipe Global Corp, a privately held New Jersey corporation. BioPipe's core focus is on decentralized sewage wastewater reclamation using eco-friendly and sustainable technology. The patented BioPipe is the only sludge free onsite sewage wastewater system that is also odor free, silent, scalable, cost-effective and requires very low maintenance. The treated water can be reused for irrigation and cleaning or simply discharged into the ground. There are 24 Biopipe plants currently running around the world. With this acquisition, LifeQuest is on its way to becoming a singular platform for innovative low-cost, low-maintenance, eco-friendly decentralized wastewater treatment systems.

The Company is currently pursuing several projects in Bangladesh, India, South Africa, Ethiopia and throughout the Middle East.

LifeQuest CEO, Max Khan states, "The world is seeking sustainable solutions through decentralized wastewater treatment which 'get back to nature' while using 21st century technologies. We feel that the innovative BioPipe can reduce water scarcity and alleviate pressures on groundwater and other natural water bodies. This is critically important for irrigation, especially in water stressed countries."

According to the World Bank, there will be a 40 percent global shortfall between supply and demand of water by 2030. And by 2025, approximately 1.8 billion people will be living in regions with absolute water scarcity.

LifeQuest World Corp. is a company seeking, and finding, opportunities to improve the supply of clean water for emerging and first-world nations. Clean water availability is a globally essential issue and critical to stopping the cycle of disease and sickness across the globe. BioPipe Global Corp is a wholly owned subsidiary of LQWC.

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