Lifequest World Corp Subsidiary Biopipe Global Corp Enters Into 50-50 Joint Venture With Abrimix Europe Bv To Introduce Its 100% Sludge & Chemical Free Sewage Wastewater System In Africa

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RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY, NOVEMBER 13, 2019.Biopipe Global Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lifequest World Corp ("LQWC) has entered into a 50- 50 joint venture with Abrimix Europe BV to expand into Africa with initial focus on South Africa where Abrimix is based. Water-stressed countries that also have sewage treatment deficit like South Africa, represent a large addressable market for Biopipes 100% sludge free, chemical free, and odor free sewage wastewater treatment system. Abrimix has a commercially proven state of the art industrial wastewater treatment technology which Biopipe will introduce in countries it is currently active in.

Sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation is an important part of the millennium development goals as set by the United Nations. (MDGs), states Pieter Jansen, CEO of Abrimix. Current practices in Africa are insufficient to address this challenge. We have found in Biopipe, the perfect complementary partner. Innovating technologies are a part of the solution and Biopipe is certainly within that spectrum. Since Biopipe is a standalone system, it is a sustainable, scalable and easy to implement solution where investment for sanitation infrastructure is not materializing. In my home country, South Africa, 50,000 liters of untreated sewage is released every second into the environment and with Biopipe we can contribute to solving this problem. We have already identified several projects to start with and present problems with water security add to the sense of urgency.

With Abrimix and Biopipe as two innovative companies together more non-sewage wasterwater applications for Biopipe are under investigation. In the Netherlands, we are looking at using Biopipe to clean the effluent of the Abrimix Manure / digestate treatment process. In South Africa, we are looking at adding Biopipe to treat Abrimix effluent from wineries. All in all very exciting developments and we are looking forward to playing a growing part in solutions for sewage wastewater challenges specifically and water security for Africa in general.

EnesKutluca, the CEO of Biopipe said, We are excited to have Abrimix as a joint venture partner. South Africa in particular, but Africa in general represents a massive opportunity for Biopipe and Abrimix. With Abrimix we are able to address both industrial and sewage wastewater markets. We are looking forward leveraging Abrimixs infrastructure and Pieters experience to begin implementing projects immediately.

About Biopipe
Biopipe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lifequest, has developed a patented 100% sludge free, chemical free, odor free, silent, easy to assemble and install, scalable, low cost, ecological and virtually maintenance free sewage wastewater treatment system. The treated water exceeds EU Standards for discharge and can be reused for irrigation, flushing and cleaning.
Contact: or +1 646-201-5242

About Abrimix
Abrimix has developed a unique patented, affordable, efficient and cost-effective technology for industrial wastewater treatment. Abrimix is able to develop, design, build and install tailor-made treatment process for specific wastewater influents. Abrimix is now active and represented in North America, Canada, South America, Europe, United Kingdom as well as within countries throughout Africa.
Pieter Jansen
Tel: (+27) 11 463 4463
Unit 30 Kya Sand Industrial Village
22 Elsecar Street Kya Sand
South Africa


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